Real ale is a live product that needs proper care and service to taste its best. This means staying attentive, keeping things clean, and respecting the beer.

Our exclusive brews, Raven Ale and Raven’s Gold, are made just for The Raven. Our house beer recipe is unfined, making it naturally hazy and suitable for vegans.

In our 19 years, we've served about 250 different real ales each year, making it 4,750 in total. With eight guest ales and our house beers always available, it might feel like a continuous beer festival here.


With our recent expansion, we are able to offer much more variety within our beers. Hosting five options at any given time, craft beers are rotated with the rhythm of the week. These range from bold imperial stouts, to quirky sours - and even our own hazy IPA, brewed locally by Arbor. Why not check out our craft beer flight boards?


“Beer before wine is fine, wine before beer, oh dear” goes the saying. 

Well, we put our beer first because it takes more day to day care, but believe life is far too short to drink poor wine. So, we put as much care and attention into our wine list as our beer offering.

The New World has given the Old World wine industry a great shake up in the last decade this shows in the superb variety of excellent wines that are available. Our list reflects that, with a mix of grapes and vintners from both the old and new world. We had a good time choosing this selection for you and hope that you enjoy them too.

We review the list on a regular basis. It’s a hard job tasting all those wines, but we selflessly struggle on to ensure your future drinking pleasure, of course.