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Navelgazer by Orchard Pig

Navelgazer by Orchard Pig

Notes from the sty:

When first inhaling the aroma of the aptly-named Orchard Pig Navelgazer the initial tannin character suggests old trees, ripe apples, and your favourite shady spot in a corner of the orchard. It gives way to distinctive savoury, sherry notes with the initial taste fully delivering on the promised cider richness with tropical grapefruit and pineapple flavours, delivering a clean, citrus tingle on the finish.

Tipplers tip:

If a dry sherry is your ideal aperitif, a small pre-dinner Navelgazer will whet your appetite just as well, setting your tastebuds all a-tingle for the feast to follow.

Dry cider
alc 6% vol

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