Unlike lager, real ale is a live product which has to be looked after and served properly to be at its best. This requires constant attention and scrupulous regard to cleaning as well as a really good understanding of the beer itself.

We have served over 200 individual ales in the last year alone, including Raven and Raven’s Gold that are brewed specially for us and available only in The Raven.


“Beer before wine is fine, wine before beer oh dear ” goes the saying. Well, we put our beer first because it takes more day to day care, but believe life is far too short to drink poor wine. So, we put as much care and attention into our wine list as our beer offering.

The New World has given the Old World wine industry a great shake up in the last decade and it shows in the superb variety of excellent wines that have become available. Our list reflects that, with a mix of grapes and vintners from both the old and new world. We had a good time choosing this selection for you and hope that you enjoy them too.

We do, of course, review the list on a regular basis. It’s a hard job tasting all those wines, but we’ll struggle on through, purely to ensure your future drinking pleasure of course.


Our beers are brewed exculsively for us by Blindmans Brewery, an independent brewhouse based in the countryside of Somerset. They have been brewing our exclusive ales The Raven & The Raven’S Gold for the last 12 years.

Raven Ale

The Raven Ale is our flagship beer, representing our idea of the perfect pint. Dark and malty with a clean bitter finish. Available on tap at the pub, as well as from our new online store!

Raven Gold

The Raven Gold is our light, hop driven Golden Ale, the perfect choice for a hot Summer’s day. The ever popular Raven gold is a hoppy, refreshing and massively quaffable beer. Available on tap at the pub, as well as from our new online store!